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Some changes may allow the administrator to add functionality that was not present in the previous release.Solution: The client was modified to use the user-defined proxy first, if specified, for Live Update.The scm-server-0contains the following error: Solution: SEPM was modified to sweep policies and other non-log data after one year if the data has been marked as DELETED.Log data will be swept using the oldest replication time by checking the local site and directly-related sites.

Symptom: After upgrading from SEP 11.0 to 12.1, SEPM and clients will not update 32-bit virus definitions.Symptom: Clients are installed with the basic AV feature only.In the SEPM console and reports, the IPS Signature, SONAR, and Download Protection content are displayed as "out of date." These features are not installed.Symptom: Symantec Endpoint Protection client machines (workstations) are unable to shutdown gracefully. please wait" displays on cc Svc but will not continue shutting down until "End Now" is selected.The administrator can add Enable User Scans as a DWORD. When the value does not exist or is non-zero, all user scans are enabled (default behavior).

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