Dating ron beadenkopf

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Dating ron beadenkopf

CAC not only provides information regarding cardiovascular risk, but it can also be used to track progression of atherosclerosis over time [24-28].

It has been suggested that a synergistic effect exists between statin therapy and AGE in retarding progression of CAC.

Previous studies have shown that the progression of CAC, defined as clinically significant when the rate of change exceeds 15% per year based upon clinical outcomes studies, may provide incremental prognostic information beyond that provided by the baseline calcium score itself.

Primarily, CAC progression has been shown to be the strongest predictor of cardiac events [22,23]. suggested that continued accumulation of CAC in asymptomatic individuals is associated with increased risk of MI.

Coronary artery disease; Garlic; Calcification AGE: Aged garlic extract; CT: Computed Tomography; CI: Confidence Interval; CAC: Coronary Artery Calcium; CAD: Coronary Artery Disease; d L: deciliter; HU: Hounsfield units; EBCT: electron beam computed tomography; LDL: low density lipoprotein; MI: Myocardial Infarction Several clinical reports, including meta-analyses, have revealed cholesterol-lowering effects of garlic supplementation in humans [1,2].

AGE has been shown to also have beneficial effects on arterial function by inhibiting endothelial cell damage, transforming smooth muscles cells, and inhibiting the damage of nitric oxide synthesis [9,10].

Further, after adjustment for age and gender, AGE was associated with a 1.78 fold (95% CI 0.320-0.990, P=0.046) reduction in CAC progression compared with placebo.

Conclusions: This pooled study indicates the ability of AGE to inhibit the rate of progression of coronary calcification, as compared to placebo, over 1 year independent of statin therapy or gender.

AGE helps to modulate cardiovascular risk factors by lowering blood pressure, inhibiting platelet aggregation and adhesion, lowering cholesterol, preventing LDL oxidation and smoking-induced oxidative damage [7,11,12].

Calcium deposition in the walls of coronary arteries is an active process, rather than a simple mineral precipitation in the atheromatous plaque [13].

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We sought to evaluate the ability of AGE to inhibit coronary artery calcium (CAC).

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